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Celebrate an outdoor wedding

When we think about the celebration of our wedding, we imagine in a special place, that place that we will never forget because there we celebrate one of the most important days of our life.

It is clear that finding the ideal space for such an important occasion as a wedding celebration is not an easy task. And less easy it will be if we are that kind of people who chase our dreams and don’t settle for anything.

From the Finca de San Antonio, we invite you to discover our spaces, our gardens, walks, our greenhouse and everything we put at your disposal so you can celebrate the wedding of your dreams.

If you are thinking of celebrating your outdoor wedding, you have come to the ideal place. In our wedding estate you will find different spaces where you can celebrate your wedding. We advise you and we will propose ideas to make your wedding a success. Come visit us and tell us what you are thinking, what type of celebration fits your personality and your tastes.

Therefore, apart from our experience and knowledge of the sector, if you need it, we will put you in touch with professionals who will help you with whatever you need. Our desire, like yours, is that everything goes perfectly, taking care of every little detail.

It is also worth noting, apart from our spaces, our gastronomy of the highest level carried out by the prestigious chef Julio Reoyo.

Nature as an incomparable frame of the celebration and a professional team will put the ideal touch to the celebration of the event. Making a day as special as your wedding day, it also becomes a day full of magic that both the bride and groom remember with love and nostalgia.

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