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First steps to organize your wedding

You have already found the person with whom to share your life and you are determined to take the most important step of your lives.

You have decided that you will get married soon but you don’t know how to start preparing a celebration in which every detail is important. You want all the guests to enjoy such a special day, giving your wedding a personal character.

From here we want to give you some guidance to enjoy the first steps of organizing your wedding and do not miss important details.

First steps to organize your wedding

  1. Formalities
    The first thing you have to start organizing your wedding is “paperwork”, administrative procedures.
    Depending on the type of wedding you want, civil or religious, you will have some procedures or others.
  2. Define a date and the place of the ceremony
    Depending on the place where you want to hold the link, you can condition when choosing the date if it is very requested. You can also do it the other way around, choose a date and depending on that date, look for the place to celebrate.
    When choosing a place to celebrate the link, such as a wedding estate in Madrid, we invite you to meet La Finca de San Antonio, where we will be happy to show you our facilities and talk to you.
  3. Wedding style
    For the entire celebration to be consistent and have harmony, it is important to define a style. Being your wedding should reflect your tastes and your personality. You can find inspiration on the internet or talk to a professional who guides you about it. Vintage, romantic, classic, themed weddings … you can be as creative as you want but always respecting your personality.
  4. Define the budget
    The budget you can allocate to your wedding will also condition the type of event. It is important to set a budget to make the right decisions and not have surprises.
  5. Create the guest list
    It will depend on the type of celebration you want, more intimate or less or the amount of family and friends you have. The number of guests may also be marked by the budget you have available.

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