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Places for weddings in Madrid

If you are thinking of celebrating a very special event such as your own wedding, today we propose a wedding property in Madrid with which you will have success assured.

We know that one of the most complicated issues when it comes to organizing an event as a link is the choice of where it will take place. For that reason, we want to transfer some of the topics to consider in this important election.

Fincas for weddings in Madrid, La finca de San Antonio.

There are different factors in which we must look at when finding the ideal place to celebrate a wedding. In the Finca for weddings in Madrid, La Finca de San Antonio, we highlight the following aspects:

A natural environment:
One of the main attractions of the Finca de San Antonio are the gardens, promenades, fountains and other natural spaces where you can walk, make photo shoots and enjoy nature.
A perfect setting for the celebration of a wedding very close to Madrid, in Hoyo de Manzanares.

Spacious and versatile spaces for the celebration:
Versatility and exclusivity are the outstanding values ​​of the spaces that the Finca de San Antonio makes available to its customers. Different interior and exterior rooms that adapt perfectly to the number of guests and the needs and tastes of the protagonists of the event.
They also have a very special greenhouse suitable for enjoying a cocktail or a more intimate celebration.

Luxury cuisine by chef Julio Reoyo:
Of course, one of the factors that will make both the bride and groom enjoy and remember a special day as it is the day of your wedding, will be the chosen menu. For this, in this farm for weddings, they have a chef of reference such as Julio Reoyo, who makes the most exquisite menus and cared for this type of event. Depending on the time of year and the type of celebration, you will offer different possibilities that will surely adapt to your preferences.

The beautiful views from the farm for weddings in the Sierra de Madrid also bring great appeal to this proposal. Without forgetting a 19th century palace, a luxurious construction that has 5 suites that offer accommodation for honeymooners and wedding guests.

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