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  1. We got married at La Finca de San Antonio on July 11.
    We found it on the Internet and went to see it because it brought together several things that we liked: views of Madrid, beautiful place with gardens, Michelin star food under the supervision of Julio Reoyo, close treatment of Salvador and the possibility of staying there to sleep in a very cozy palace.
    Our impression just seeing it was love at first sight, we knew right away that we wanted to celebrate our wedding there. During the previous months everything happened correctly (tasting, communication, etc). Perhaps to put a “snag” we missed some more communication through email but we think that is because they have so controlled the process that they know that the organization will go on wheels. The wedding day was spectacular in every sense. Salvador and Jorge were always aware of us although the rest of the service was also made of luxury.
    The dinner honored its Michelin star (all the guests commented and the dishes we liked even more than in the tasting). The music was also ten and all the previous recommendations that they gave us were very useful. We think it could not go better. Finally, the possibility of sleeping there loved us. The super comfortable rooms and it is a luxury to get up with those views of Madrid and with such a good breakfast at the dining table of the mansion. Thank you very much and congratulations to all the team at La Finca de San Antonio.

  2. We got married last weekend on this venue and everything was perfect.
    It is a place with many possibilities and with a super professional staff, many staff attending at all times.
    The guests were delighted
    the food of high level, very varied and all very rich
    The palace where you can accommodate grooms and some guests is a perfect complement, all very careful, ideal breakfast and with a very close staff and pending that nothing fails
    We can not make any negative comments

  3. Great professionals. A 10 in everything: quality, service and professionalism. It is the best choice we could make. All perfect. It is a very important day and everything goes well is very difficult but Jorge, Luis and Salvador made it possible (accompanied by a great staff). I have family hostelera and everyone has congratulated us for the quality of the food and the service. Jorge (maitre de la finca) the best of the best, a professional of 10 and attentive to all that day. Thank you very much to all

  4. Impressive in every way. We can not be more satisfied to have celebrated our wedding there. A dream come true Throughout. Two months have passed, and they still call me guests to ask me for information about the farm and remind me how well we have eaten (in quality and quantity) and how beautiful everything had been.
    The months and days leading up to the wedding are with us so that everything is to our liking. And the wedding day everything is perfect. As Luis had told us. Even better The welcome cocktail is magnificent. Not only for the extraordinary quality of the cocktail itself, but also for the great professionalism of the team of the farm with Salvador always aware that everything was fine. Absolutely professional bartenders, who know how to address the guests with constant and correct attention. The cold drink prepared for the guests, the wine at the right temperature … the extraordinary ham … The menu level is second to none. I repeat; Insuperable. The Savarin … the Cod with Migas … The suckling pig is out of competition. It seems impossible that we can offer a service of such quality for so many people and that everything is as if we were just a table of four. The kitchen is the best kitchen I have tasted inside and outside of a wedding.
    And the place, the farm itself and the mansion are beautiful, taken care of down to the last detail. The professionalism of Luis and Salvador is magnificent, only surpassed by its closeness and enormous human quality. You are two gentlemen from the feet to the head that you have behaved with us as if we were friends of the soul. Thanks from my heart.
    I only have one pity left. That I have already married … and I can not (and I do not want hehe) to remarry. But I wish someone would invite me to a wedding there sometime. Thanks from my heart.

  5. Hello, just a few weeks ago we celebrated our wedding at La Finca de San Antonio. We did not hesitate to choose this venue for such a special day once we visited it and we met the people who manage it, and all our expectations have been fulfilled … Thanks to Luis and Salvador and all their team because everything went great, for their kindness and professionalism (and closeness on the other hand) and to solve all unforeseen events (climatic fundamentally) without the bride and groom having to worry about anything.
    The best value is that of our guests, and all agreed on the exquisite menu, how beautiful the place is and the quality of the service. Without a doubt, totally recommendable.

  6. Hello to all those who want to celebrate a personalized wedding, in which the most important thing is to enjoy your day, pampered with details and with the flexibility that the friends of La Finca San Antonio allow, I say friends because it is difficult to find an availability, darling and mime as familiar as the one they offer. I speak from the experience of having attended hundreds of weddings for my work, and I did not choose any in which I worked, but I can afford to assure you once I held mine that I would celebrate with the closed eyes my silver wedding there. I will only summarize the sensations experienced since the election of the place, months before, at the end of the celebration the next day with a phrase “They marry with you”.
    It is difficult to tell the experiences before-in-after in a forum so I can only tell you that if you want to feel that your wedding is original, for the venue, the attention, the incredible cuisine (with capital letters) and most importantly the personal satisfaction of To have done everything and more because it is a success, to trust the friends of the San Antonio Venue, will always be unique.

  7. All the good things I can say about “La Finca de San Antonio” are not enough, just as I do not have enough words to express my gratitude to Luis and Salvador for all the attention, help and affection they have shown us at all times. We chose this place for its location and charm, as well as having its own kitchen under the guidance of Chef Julio Reoyo. We recommend the suckling pig, delicious!
    But what counts is also the impression of the guests and we continually received words of praise for the place, the exquisite food and the treatment received. Everyone loved everything!
    Also some relatives and friends stayed at La Finca to spend the night at the Palacete and everyone was impressed with how beautiful each of the rooms are, as well as the breakfast that they put us the next morning, the icing to finish with a smile from ear to ear and not wanting to leave. So if you want to have an exquisite celebration where people feel at ease and feel like in a cloud, do not hesitate to count on La Finca de San Antonio. It is a success and so it will last in our memory of such a special day for us.

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