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Some ideas to make a special wedding

To get to make your wedding special, you will have to pay attention to the details, to try that part of your personality is reflected to give it its own identity.
You will have to surprise your guests, and for that, you must be creative and let your imagination fly or inspire you in other celebrations that have managed to do something truly special.
The first thing you will have to do is get the right environment.

Some farms, such as Finca de San Antonio, offer you a natural environment and versatile spaces that will be able to give your celebration all the possibilities to celebrate a special day such as your wedding day.
Natural spaces, gardens, spacious rooms and well decorated, will make the whole celebration have that magic you’re looking for.

Decoration and appropriate lights.
Both decoration and lighting are capable of transmitting very different sensations, even transporting us to magical and unique environments. Look for inspiration and let yourself be advised by professionals to get the atmosphere that will surprise your family and friends.

Details that matter, the corners that add up.
Spaces that will surprise your guests by providing some service or some extra detail. The choice of the special corner will depend on your personality. You can create small corners full of magic with different themes that will bring a special character to the celebration. A vintage corner with a signature book, the famous Candy Bar that all the guests visit at some point of the party … Think what you would like and make it come true.

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